Sunday, 16 February 2020 to Sunday, 16 August 2020

Karin Borghouts’ photo project Vincent was here’ started in Zundert, where she photographed his godmothers’ house next to the Van Gogh family’s home. This house, with its ancient foundations and impressive roof beams is facing demolition, and was fully documented in photographs by Karin Borghouts in 2017.

Besides landscapes from Zundert, this exhibition will also include photos of the south and a handful of photographed still lives. 

In a separate room, photographs created by Hans de Kort using the collodion wet plate’ technique can be seen, also inspired by Vincent’s paintings.

The magnificent book of photographs Vincent was here, with 130 photographs by Karin Borghouts, published by Ronny Van de Velde, can be viewed in Zundert. The special edition with a print is also on sale there.

The exhibitions reopen on June 1 and they are prolonged until 16 August 2020.

Visit the virtual museum here.

Vincent van GoghHuis Zundert

Affiche Van Gogh Huis
Karin Borghouts in the Van GoghHuis Zundert
Karin Borghouts in the Van GoghHuis Zundert
Van Gogh Huis 1651
Van Gogh Huis 1633
Van Gogh Huis 1652 53
Van Gogh Huis 1638
Van Gogh Huis 1637
Van Gogh Huis 1635
Van Gogh Kamer 2606
Van Gogh Kamer 2605
Van Gogh Kamer 2607
Van Gogh Huis Programma voorjaar2020 1
Van Gogh Huis Programma voorjaar2020 2


26-27, Markt, Zundert, 4881 CN, The Netherlands

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