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Vincent was Here

208 pages
130 colour photographs of Karin Borghouts
Text by Xavier Canonne, Director Musée de la Photographie Charleroi and Ron Dirven, Director-curator Vincent van Goghhuis, Zundert in the Netherlands
Dutch, French and English
High quality offset by Belgian print company Graphius
24302,3 cm
ISBN 9789080990333
39 euro
The Photo Book Vincent was here’ by Karin Borghouts is a co-edition of Ronny Van de Velde and Karin Borghouts

Special edition Book (50 books) + archival pigment print (510 prints): 99 euro


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Karin Borghouts has her own highly personal take on Van Gogh’s work. Going beyond a thorough knowledge of his œuvre, she has visited the places where he lived and worked. That is where she took the photographs that evoke Van Gogh’s work but whose original compositions and use of colour are also marked by a powerful style that is empathically her own.”
Sjraar van Heugten
Art historian and curator, former head of Collections Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Special edition book + choice of 10 photos
Special edition book + choice of 10 photos
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Fotoboek Vincent was here - Arles
Fotoboek Vincent was here - Arles
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