Karin Borghouts (b. Kapellen, 1959) studied painting and sculpture, and worked as a graphic designer before devoting herself to photography, while integrating these other disciplines in her photographic work. She is chiefly known for her photographs of buildings and interiors, places in public spaces and museums. These are presented as a setting in which the human figure is absent. She works on her own personal projects as well as fulfilling commissions from museums, cultural institutions, government bodies, architects and publishers. The House’ is her most haunting art project, in which she photographed the burned-out interiors of her own family home. In 2005 she received the prestigious photographic commission European Eyes on Japan’. During 2012 – 2013 she held the official post as city photographer of Antwerp. Furthermore, she has been the on-site photographer of the extensive ongoing renovations of Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts since 2011. She has a great many individual and group exhibitions to her credit, including The House (of my childhood burned down and I went in to take pictures)’ (The Eriskay Connection), Mijn huis dat was’ (Ludion) and Antwerpen Stad verbeeld’ (Ronny Van de Velde and Ludion). Works of hers are found in collections including those of the photography museums of Antwerp and Charleroi, at the MAS in Antwerp and the STAM in Ghent, as well as in the art collection of Antwerp University and Proximus in Belgium. 


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Karin Borghouts 2895
Karin Borghouts at Petit-Wasmes, Borinage Belgium, 2019
Karin Borghouts at Petit-Wasmes, Borinage Belgium, 2019
Karin Borghouts in the Van GoghHuis Zundert
Karin Borghouts in the Van GoghHuis Zundert
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Karin Borghouts