Thursday, 20 April 2023 to Sunday, 29 October 2023

On 16 May 2023, Queen Máxima will open the new Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen, NL. The brand-new museum offers a lot and is also an ideal starting point for a Van Gogh cycle or walking tour.
This is the sixth Vincent was here exhibition. It has started in 2019 at Het Noordbrabants Museum, the Netherlands and in 2022 it was on view at the Citadel of Namur Belgium. Each time the exhibition will be different.

Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps were followed across Europe by photographer Karin Borghouts. She also reconstructed and photographed more than 30 of his still lifes. Vincent was here is a visual study that explores the boundary between painting and photography. The exhibition focuses on the locations in Nuenen, supplemented by other places Vincent visited and images of his paintings. Karin Borghouts also recently photographed all 46 Van Gogh monuments for the new book Atlas Van Gogh in Brabant.

Vincent was here
Karin Borghouts

April 20 — October 302023

Van Gogh Village Museum

Berg 29 — Nuenen (near Eindhoven)
The Netherlands

Basket of Potatoes (after Van Gogh) © Karin Borghouts
Basket of Potatoes (after Van Gogh) © Karin Borghouts © Karin Borghouts 10/2017
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0862 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0950 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0906 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0926 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A1022 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A1006 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0974 Pano
Vincentwashere Nuenen4 P4 A0922 Pano


Van Gogh Village Museum (Vincentre), Berg, Nuenen, Nederland

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