Paris Impasse Cover

Presale. This photography book depicts about 200 impasses in Paris: streets that come to a dead end. Cul-de-sacs. The photographs offer a glimpse of part of Paris that usually goes unnoticed. The photographs are taken by Karin Borghouts from 2011 to 2019.
The photobook PARIS IMPASSE was shortlisted for the LUMA Rencontres Dummy Award 2019 in ARLES, France.

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Photography Book Paris Impasse
26193 cm
304 pages, 225 photographs, softcover
Concept & photography: Karin Borghouts
Graphic design: Jean-Michel Meyers
Text FR, NL, ENG: Eric Min
Snoeck Publishers
ISBN 9789461616487

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Paris Impasse Boek Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse7 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse5 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse6 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse3 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse8 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse4 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse10 Karin Borghouts
Paris Impasse2 Karin Borghouts
Photography Book
Karin Borghouts